Austria 2023
Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, Editors: Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk and Karl Wratschko
Runtime: 3 minutes 15 seconds
Original Format: 16mm, b&w, silent
Screening Format: 16mm and DCP

With the support of the Cultural Office of the City of Innsbruck


In the city of Innbruck, about 92% of all streets named after significant individuals carry the names of men, while only 8% of the streets are named after women. The film 1I12 documents all locations in Innbruck named after women. One shot at a time, they enter the viewer’s field of vision, as we gradually draw ever closer to the city center. 1I12 is a kind of inventory, a contribution to an active culture of remembrance and gender equality as well as a critical examination of the representation of women in public space, which can also symbolically stand for other areas of society. This is the third and last part of the "Presence"-triology (Presence, 1I15 and 1I12).