Photo-performance together with God’s Entertainment

In the framework of the opening of GGGNGM - Guggenheim in Floridsdorf? on September 17, 2020 at Am Spitz in Vienna


Remembering is inconceivable without the act of fixation. Much is spontaneously inscribed into the individual or collective memory, but some things require the conscious act of fixation. In photography, fixation is a deliberate step taken to record an event that has just been exposed for the future. Without it, we can literally watch forgetting take place.

Countless people and their (hi)stories disappeared in Vienna in the 20th century. The photographic installation MISSING enabled the audience to bear witness to disappearance on the one hand, and remembering on the other.

16 portraits of people from the Floridsdorf district of Vienna who were killed by National Socialists during the Second World War were exposed in advance on large-format photo paper. The images were then developed in front of the audience in a bath and hung in a red-lit room. After a while, the lights in the room were turned on and the audience could watch as the images slowly blackened and eventually (almost) disappeared altogether. To complement the performative photographic work, a book containing the biographies of the 16 portrayed people was exhibited.

Inspired by Ulay's Fototot.

With the support of SHIFT III - Basis Kultur Wien, the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna - MA7, Bezirk Floridsdorf, and DÖW/Memento Wi

Photos: Andreas .muk. Haider


Exhibition, on view from April 4, 2020 to April 17, 2020 at the Zeta Art Center & Gallery, Tirana, Albania

The exhibition showed works created during my artist residency in September and October 2018 as well as works influenced by this stay. The artistic works deal with topics of migration and memory.

With the support of the Austrian Embassy in Tirana, T.I.C.A., the Regional Government of Styria - A9 Culture, Europe and Foreign Relations, the European Cultural Foundation, and Compagnia di San Paolo.

I. Prologue

Silver gelatine print + A4-sheet with text

II. mare liberum | mare clausum

Film: mare liberum | mare clausum
16mm/digital, 2 minutes 40 seconds + Portable record player + 7” with locked groove

Photo: mare liberum | mare clausum
C-Print, colour/b&w

III. Memory

Film: untitled
1x loop on a TV-screen with sound 16mm/digital, 2 minutes 40 seconds

Photo: ∞ 
2x Silver gelatine prints