Series of 27 slides, 2022

If you walk through cities, you will always pass construction sites. Attached to construction fences, photorealistic visualizations provide a glimpse into the future design of these lots. Architectural renderings feature detailed depictions of the residential and office buildings under construction, as well as depictions of the people living and working there. A closer look at these visualizations inevitably gives an impression of a young, beautiful, wealthy and strictly separated world according to two genders with clear divisions of roles. In this way, architectural renderings not only become a mirror for the buildings currently being planned, but also inevitably provide information about social norms and values. Do architectural offices not only visualize buildings and districts, but also their ideal of social coexistence? What gaps can be found in their imaginations?

All images shown here were taken in Jerusalem/Israel in summer 2022.

Exhibition view: Neue Galerie Graz

Exhibition view: Neue Galerie Graz (Photo: Universalmuseum Joanneum/N. Lackner)