Austria 2022

Directors, Producers, Cinematographers: Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk und Karl Wratschko
Post-Production and Sound-Design: Hannes Ziegerhofer
Runtime: 2 Minuten 26 Sekunden
Original Format: 16mm, color, sound
Screening Format: 16mm and DCP

With the support of the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna – MA 7 and the Foreign Film Scholarship of the City of Graz

World premiere: Kassel Dokfest


The Mediterranean is still a popular holiday destination for many Europeans. Based on the first verse of a hit song from the 1950s, the film questions the idealised image of the Mediterranean as a place of longing. Can we still look at the Mediterranean in a naïve and impartial way? What eludes perception and whose perspectives on the Mediterranean are (not) taken up in the collective perception.