Austria 2022

Directors, Producers, Cinematographers: Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk und Karl Wratschko
Post-Production and Sound-Design: Hannes Ziegerhofer
Runtime: 2 Minuten 26 Sekunden
Original Format: 16mm, color, sound
Screening Format: 16mm and DCP

With the support of the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna – MA 7 and the Foreign Film Scholarship of the City of Graz

World premiere: Kassel Dokfest


The Mediterranean Sea is still a popular holiday destination for many people from Europe. Based on the first verse of a hit song from the 1950s, the film questions the idealized image of the Mediterranean as a place of longing. Can we still look naively and impartially at the Mediterranean today? What eludes perception and whose perspectives on the Mediterranean are (not) taken up in the collective perception.