more traces

Austria 2022

Directors, Producers, Cinematographers: Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk and Karl Wratschko
Post-Production: Johannes Gierlinger
Runtime: 3 minutes 28 seconds
Original Format: 16mm, color & b/w, silent
Screening Format: 16mm and DCP

World premiere: Manofim – Festival of Contemporary Art, Jerusalem


more traces negotiates the global phenomenon of climate crisis on a local level, in the context of a single city. The short film portrays sculptures of animals located in the public space of the city of Vienna. Shot on two days in the Viennese winter of 2021/22, more traces focuses on concrete sculptures of animals that are native to a tropical climate. Perhaps this is an accurate glimpse into the not-too-distant future in which people will only know elephants, kangaroos or hippos from zoos, pictures and sculptures?